How can I confirm if SSO is enabled or disabled for my Channel?



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SSO is enabled by default for all integrations, however, it is configured so that SSO is disabled.

To confirm if SSO is disabled, you can review the integration in the TVE Dashboard.

Following attributes are set to YES, if SSO has been disabled for a Channel - MVPD integration:

  1. Auth / Aggregator        –    YES
  2. Enable Passive AuthN –    YES

If the settings are not set or set to NO, SSO is available for the integration. Changing these settings to NO also allow you to enable SSO.

You can find these settings by going to your specific integration (Make sure that Advanced workspace is selected).

  1. Click your specific integration in TVE Dashboard.
  2. Select the General Settings Tab and scroll down.
  3. Click the button “show additional property” to view the value of Auth / Aggregator and Enable Passive AuthN. 

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