Category Affinity across more than one attribute


Is it possible to utilize the category affinity algorithm across more than one attribute? Currently I have category affinity configured to retrieve the page category name (e.g. - scarves, t-shirts, bedsheets, coats). However, I’d like to know if there is a way that I can be a bit more granular with my categories. In addition to my page category I’d also like the algorithm to consider the product material (e.g. - linen, silk, cotton) as well. In other words, how can I utilize category affinity across both page category, and product material? Is it possible to establish multiple instances algorithms to score different attributes?


For granularity, you can add a 2nd dimension to the category like so:






Now, when the user navigates your site, the category affinity array could look like this:

scarves:cotton, t-shirts:cotton, t-shirts:linen, t-shirts:silk, bedsheets:cotton

With this, you can see the visitor has an affinity for t-shirts, and also affinity for cotton products.

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