[ACS] embed video in Campaign


My customer wants to know, “if it is possible to embed a video in email and see if it is possible for the video to play automatically”.
From what I understand it is not possible in Adobe campaign, Could you please suggest on this and what possible alternatives we can suggest to customer, if there are any?


ACS has the Video component:

But here you place the video and the poster. Probably from some clients you can play the video but I’m not sure: that’s why you set a poster image.

Here you have some information for tips and compatibility:


Otherwise you can put a GIF which simulates the first frames of the video just not to have a static image.

Please have a check to the previous doc.

Be aware that if you start to send emails to 1M+ recipients and your open rate is et say 25%, you would have around 250,000 videos viewed in few minutes SO MAKE SURE the site hosting the video can cope with the surge of traffic….and don’t blame Campaign if the video doesn’t play 😊 I’m saying because it’s been seen in the past.

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