[ACS] - Scheduler Process Several times a day on Weekdays


One of my ACS customer has raised a concern where they are currently have a scheduler in Adobe Campaign which sends emails several times a day (from monday to sunday) and they want to limit it to several times a day from Monday to friday.

However I checked but was unable to do this type of customization through scheduler activity.

Customer wants to know if there is any way to do it.


Yes it’s possible however it’s not straight forward because you need to build it in the workflow itself We had a similar requirements where we needed to send emails monthly on 2nd Monday of the month…

What you would do is

  1. Create an option  it can be any name it doesn’t matter. The option will be used in the workflow, next step
  2. Schedule your workflow as it is today
  3. Qyery the options previously created and add the day in the week of the current date as additional data
  4. Add a segmentation activity using the temporary entity (previous query activity) that checks whether the week of the day is a weekday, if it is a week day continue, in the Complement section of the Segmentation activity, use a End activity…

If they need for multiple workflow, they should be a workflow template that includes these stpes already.

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