Oracle 19c & SHA-265 Enabled


I have a customer who is wondering if they can use Oracle 19c with SHA-256 encryption enabled with Campaign? Is there any particular or specific configuration required for Campaign to work? Also, What driver would campaign use to connect, since the v19 drivers are not listed on the compatibility matrix but the v19 server version is mentioned as supported. But there is a note that says Driver and Server versions should match.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated


Encryption should be transparent for ACC, it should not have any impact (maybe a little hit on performance).

Oracle 19c is a rebranded Oracle 12, so any ACC version that supports Oracle 12c should work Oracle 19c (including the 19c driver).

Depending on how the 19c driver you may have to rename a lib (or create a symbolic link) so that ACC will load the driver (there has been an improvement on this aspect).

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