Campaign Classic - start and monitor workflow by command line


How to start/stop and monitor workflows from Linux command?

Could you please advise what is the exact command and if it is possible to monitor a workflow from the command line.


In general, you cannot control workflows by the command line. It happens that a limited number of workflows are just running a command line (like cleanup or tracking).

So those ones could be run directly by a command line but:

  • They are no longer part of a workflow so you lose the logs in the workflow UI.
  • They are no longer monitored by the workflow engine (nlserver wfserver) so they are not automatically restarted if they crash.

We don’t provide any tool to monitor those command lines since this is supposed to be handled by the workflow engine.

That being said, in ACC everything you can do from the UI can be done programmatically. Typically you can use that JavaScript API:

With nlserver javascript

$ nlserver javascript -instance:myinstance -file myscript.js

$ cat myscript.js:


We do not recommend doing that because of the lack of documentation available on that topic.

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