[ACS] InSMS - inbound SMS how are they reconciliated with outbound SMS


the customer would like to understand how the inbound SMS (InSMS) are linked to the outbound sms.
The scenario is the following: I send the SMS to the user, the user replies to that message.
Are these messages linked in someway? I see in the InSMS there the mobile phone so I can probably reconciliate it with the outbound message and then to the profile itself…
Any idea?


The link to delivery logs won’t be direct but inferred, you send a SMS message  and after that message you’ve got a response using the mobile number you van reconcile the response to the recipient and I think you’ve got also the External Account in there however looking at a few customers I don’t see the field populated. I suspect if the SMS provider is also sending the short code as aprt of the inSMS, we would be able to reconcile to the external account… Same linked SMS ID, no idea what it would be as I’ve seen it empty all along….

I would say, at best you can do the reconcile to the recipient using the mobile phone number and using dates, you could associated it to the delivery logs (closest to the inSMS message)

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