Adobe Campaign - Definition of the ‘Email_Client_Unsubscribe’ Processing Rule


‘Email_Client_Unsubscribe’ Processing Rule

In both ACC and ACS, there is a section named “Mails Rebonds” in Mail processing rules section.

In ACC: ExplorerAdministrationCampaign ManagementNon deliverables ManagementMail rule setsMails Rebonds

in ACS: AdministrationChannelEmailsEmail processing rulesMail Rebonds

Under Mails Rebonds section, there is a specific rule names: Email_Client_Unsubscribe


What happens when a user clicks on unsubscribe in an email?

There are two ways a user can unsubscribe from emails. First let’s understand the two kinds of unsubscribe:

Situation 1: When the user clicks on the client’s Unsubscribe link in the body of the email

When a user clicks on the unsubscribe link in the body of an email (click here),  the ‘Subscriptions’ table is updated for that recipient, and they will be unsubscribed in that table from that specific email type/brand/domain.

In this case, the recipient will be available for all future deliveries from the instance other than the type/brand/domain they unsubscribed from. Please note this situation is not a bounce, it is a  true unsubscribe.

Situation 2: The user clicks on the Unsubscribe link in the email client itself

A click on the Unsubscribe link in the email client itself (Gmail, Yahoo) will cause an unsubscribe email to be sent back to the client’s instance (Campaign), and that email will be processed by InMail, and should match the ‘Email_client_unsubscribe’ Inbound email rule. If it does, then that recipient will be shown as “Quarantined” in the Quarantine list, and will no longer be sent any emails, for any brand, from that instance. The ‘Quarantine’ table will be then updated, and for that reason,  in Campaign, this situation is considered as a “Hard bounce”.

Though this situation is not technically a “bounce”, it is considered as such since the Subscription table cannot be accessed in such situation, so Campaign cannot unsubscribe the recipient as requested. All InMail process can do is to update the Quarantine table.

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