Profile’s State and Address links are not working as expected


Customer had the following problems which he wants an answer for :-

1.)   When selecting “State” using custom table “Address”, we are getting the drop-down list, whereas when selecting OOB table “profile”, drop-down list is not at all visible.

2.)   When selecting “State” using custom table “Address”, in the drop-down list, we are not able to do direct search. Instead, we have to navigate and re-load data after every few entries which is very inconvenient because there is a huge amount of data available.

3.)    The Country selection as a profile field is providing the option to auto complete where you type “United” and will see the United States coming as option. But the same link on Address table is not providing the auto complete option. No other field in Profile or custom table are auto-complete enabled even though you see the option of dropdown/selection from an existing set of values


Engineering had shared the analysis. Please find the analysis below:

The behavior is logical.

Address = The link to State is defined by a custom join involving two fields of the custom Address.
Hence you cannot simply select a target state.
The target state will be defined by the values of the two fields used in the join. That’s why you cannot confirm.

Profile = More or less the same, in the OOB schema the link to state is defined by a join of the same kind.
You cannot simply pick up a target value, it must be defined by filling the two fields used in the join.

The difference of display between both (display of the list of states or not) is because of a small difference in the internal schemas generated for profile and address.

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