Common reason for a variable not showing up in the Classification FTP Import UI


Sometimes a variable (evar or prop) isn’t available to select when trying to create a new FTP account in the Classification Importer. What is the common reason behind this?


In the FTP import UI, unlike the Browser Import UI, the variables available to select aren’t based on a particular report suite. The Browser Import UI allows to first select a report suite and all the variables are shown according to the selected report suite. That’s not the case with the FTP Import UI.

Having said that, if a variable is named differently (with a friendly name) in multiple report suites, the variable will be seen only with one of the names in the FTP Import UI. For example, if evar1 is named as ABC in RSA and XYZ in RSB, it will be seen either as ABC or XYZ in the FTP Import UI. So, it would give an impression that the variable is missing when trying to find (like if ABC is shown, it would imply that XYZ is missing).

Though, any of the names can be selected and it will automatically link with the corresponding classification variable for the report suite at the backend.

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