Campaign Classic: Convert DateTime to UTC


It has been reported that problems were faced when trying to add a datetime in CRM database as the servers are on different time zones.

UTC date was attempted but could not be added.

The Adobe Campaign documentation was reviewed for a function such as “LocalToUTC” but this function isn’t available.


The solution for this is to follow the instructions below:

[u> </b](u> </b)

The above specifies the way to connect the CRM to ACC.

There are 4 ways to transfer the column from CRM to ACC :

1. Default

2. Date only : this mode deletes Date + Time type fields.

3. Without time offset : this mode cancels the time zone management applied in the default mode.

4. Copy/Paste : this mode uses raw data such as strings (no conversion). All the above are given in detail. The copy/paste command can be used while transferring the mentioned column and the add/subtract the time difference according to the time zone in CRM and. UTC

In the CRM table calculate the difference between the time zone entries in CRM and the UTC . Then after using the copy /paste command in ACC time can be added/subtracted according to UTC.

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