ACC AEP SDK Logon-Logoff


In general, we integrate the AEP or Neolane SDK to execute setPushIdenfitier or registerDevice method to register the token in campaign and reconciliate it to a recipient by using a clientId.

This customer only wants to send push notifications to subscribers linked to a profile, it should be easily achievable just by using profiles as filtering dimensions in their workflows. But there is a use case.
A customer could log off and then it should stop receiving notifications. And later could log in with a different account in the same mobile. I believe the registrationToken (in android at least) is valid from the installation of the app.

I haven’t found any API reference in the AEP SDK to delete or invalidate the registrationToken, so I’m wondering how we can achieve this use case. Not sure if we can emulate it by invoking again the setPushIdentifier or registerDevice, or if this has to be handled with the AuthenticationState within the mobileApp code.

Anybody has implemented already this kind of use case or has an idea on how it should be done?


This scenario is common in certain extend. During the logoff, they should send the same API used to register the Customer Id, but emptying it, the field userKey will be then empty and the link to recipient will then be cut. That can be done in the login à userKey populated with a Customer ID linked of Recipient/Profile, logout à Userkey emptied.

The Mobile app needs to make a call to ACC on User logout/login to update this info on ACC. We can have a custom boolean field, that we use as a flag to identify if an app subscriber is in logged in or logged out state.

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