Event date of delivery log is being updated for SMS deliveries.


While working with one of my customers, I have observed that Event Date field in broadlogRcp gets updated quite often than we expected. Is this normal ?

We are using this event date in many of our campaigns to  identify the contact/send date of a delivery, but due to the updates on this field, our campaigns are not picking the right customers.

We like to know ,
1)           What triggers Event date update
2)           Is event date update related to change in delivery status?
3)           Is there any other field which indicates the first attempt to send a delivery and doesn’t get updated at any point?


  1. Event date is updated during the lifecycle of the delivery logs: from pending to sent to service provider to received on mobile. After you receive it on mobile, it should be updated. Also, event date will be updated for any retry attempt in case a SMS delivery fails to be sent.
  2. Event date isn’t link to delivery status unless the delivery is cancelled / stopped. In normal circumstances, the delivery status depends on the delivery log status.
  3. You could try the Contact Date field in the Delivery \ Scheduling element, this will be the fixed date when the delivery started to send the 1st communications, if your delivery target isn’t too large, you should not have hours between this 1st contact date and the event date of the last delivery logs. The Contact date is for recurring delivery (where aggregation is used for delivery ID and delivery label) and for continuous delivery.

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