Sending Email Communication to emails not included in recipients schema but exists in external file || Campaign classic


Aim: To Send Email Communication to contacts not included in the recipient’s schema but exists in an external file, and would not need to save those records of the external File.

This would require only an Email Channel since the requirement is only for email Communication.


  1. Create a new delivery

  2. Add Subject and add content as per business requirement.

  3. Click “To” and in main target choose “Defined in external File”

  4. Change Target mapping to External file from dropdown

  5. Click the checkbox "Do not import the recipeints in DB "as we don’t want to import the recipeint in DB

  6. Click “File Format Defination” Choose local file in csv format Click checkbox “Upload file on server” Click update on serverTransfer OkClick Next

  7. In this screen choose email in the address field from dropdown Finish

  8. Save the delivery and send it.

It will be send to emails mentioned in the external file.

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