Category Affinity not working


Have implemented Category Affinity (through Adobe Launch) on our website following the guidelines ( As a result, we can see that the category information is correctly passed in the call to Adobe Target

However, it appears that no category affinity is being calculated based in this input. When I look into my profile using the debugging tool, the value of user.categoryAffinity remains empty. No matter how many pages with category I visit.


Debugging implementation by looking at the visitor profile in debug mode:

à I had created a profile script to show the category affinity, but this one was always empty

à when I created an activity , I saw that it did work

à I then reviewed my profile scripts and made a small modification which made it work:


return user.categoryAffinity || “onbestaand”;


var affinity = user.categoryAffinity || “onbestaand”;

return affinity;

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