How to enable creating Activities inside a new Brand | Personalization | AEM 6.5



In AEM 6.5, after creating a new Brand, one is not able to create Activities inside the brand. One can create Activities inside the existing “We.Retail” sample Brand.

  • Go to /aem/start.html
  • Open Personalization – Activities
  • Create a Brand
  • Open the new Brand and try to create an Activity


Because of a missing permission, the node that represents a master brand, (like: /content/campaigns/my_brand/master/jcr:content) does not include two required properties: cq:template and sling:resourceType.

It means that the node ‘master’ is not referring to the personalization component as its resourceType and hence it fails to load a create button.



  • Go to the configuration [http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr/ targeted-content](http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr/ targeted-content)
  • Change the permissions of the value for ‘personalization-service’ to 1. Screenshot below.
  • Create a new Brand after this fix, you shall see the ‘Create’ button.
  • You can then compare the properties of both Brands’ master node" (/content/campaigns/my_brand/master/jcr:content?lang=en)


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