Issues when running workflow to Export Audiences from AC to AAM using “Update shared audience” Activity


We are integrating AC and Audience Manager in our system. We are running work flow to Export Audiences from AC to AAM using “Update shared audience” Activity. The workflow is failing in this step with the error 

“exportToAAM    XTK-170016 You are not authorized to use SQL expressions. ‘digest’ cannot be processed.”

Could you please let me know the cause of this error and how to resolve this ?


This error often occurs when there is encryption set at amc datasource or encrypted identified is used a reconciliation key.

You can check the AMC-datasource and make sure to check the encryption (setting it to None sometimes helped), also the encrypted-Identifier can not be used as a recon-key).

I think the problem comes from the fact that the digest function is being used directly without the table name. Ideally the function should be referred to as nmsrecipient.digest() instead of digest() directly.

Same solution has been provided in :

To resolve this , you need to select encryption method to none in the AMC data sources folder under Administrationplatform as mentioned above.

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