ACS - Random characters appear in column definitions ( Label or ID ) when a file is uploaded in Load activity


Use case - A client has reported an issue when a file is uploaded on the Load File activity.

Here are steps are taken to reproduce the issue:

  1. Use a workflow–Load activity.
    Have a CSV file with at least one column with a header, let’s say: “Email.”
  2. Select the file within the Load activity to import the file.
  3. Go to the FILE STRUCTURE tab after a successful import.

When you refresh to detect a new column, you will see extra characters with the “Email” header.
This can also be seen in COLUMN DEFINITION.

You will also see ID has an i_Email instead of Email.


The issue is related to the file encoding. When files are saved with the UTF-8-BOM encoding, the BOM characters (EF BB BF) are added at the beginning of the file.

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