Character Sets in Adobe Campaign SMTP character encoding option not visible


Customer reported that Character Sets in Adobe Campaign SMTP character encoding option in Delivery Properties not was not visible.

As it turns out, their database was not Unicode database, that was the reason why the option was not visible to them.


I checked further on same and it seems I am able to find out the root cause of issue. Hopefully it will help :-

  1. The XtkDatabaseId value in option field defines the ID of database. It begins by “u” for Unicode database. Please refer for more.

That means if the database id Unicode, I would be able to view the following :-

  1. When I change the XtkDatabaseId value in option field , that part is not visible as IsUnicode() part of condition in not meeting in code as below :-

container type=“visibleGroup” visibleIf=“EV(@messageType, ‘mail’) and IsUnicode()”
            container label=“Character encoding” type=“frame”
              input useDesc=“true” xpath=“@forceCodepage”/
              container type=“visibleGroup” visibleIf=“@forceCodepage”
                input xpath=“@codepage”/

  1. In case of the customer, database collaboration was “Latin1_General_CI_AS”. Hence their XtkDatabaseId value in option field was not starting from u and because of reason that part is not visible.

  2. I was able to find one doc regarding switching to Unicode in database and please find below :-

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