Neolane process down Message Center and how you can re-create MCSync workflow


Customer reported some of the neolane processes to be down, namely:-

1.) Quarantine import(quarantineSynch)

2.) Event import(eventSynch)

3.) Cost calculation (budgetMgt)


The 6 workflows that were used to sync data from Message Center Execution instance to Control Instance in older builds have been deprecated in newer Builds.

These workflows are:

0 - Synchronization start (synchLaunch)

1 - Event import (eventSynch)

2 - Import of delivery message qualifications (broadLogMsgSynch)

3 - Import of event delivery logs (broadLogSynch)

4 - Import of tracked URLs (trackingUrlSynch)

5 - Import of event tracking logs (trackingLogSynch)

Quarantine import (quarantineSynch)

In newer Build, new archive workflows need to be created for syncing the data.

For this purpose, please go to your Execution Instance External Account and click on the “Create the archiving workflow” button.

It will create a new Workflow “MCSync_external account internal name”.

Please stop the old deprecated workflows and start using the new workflow.


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