Adobe Campaign: ImportSharedAudience workflow fails with syntax error


It has been found in the latest versions of Campaign that the ImportSharedAudiences workflow is failing with a syntax error like below:

08/12/2019 20:04:43 jsxListUpdate PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR:  syntax error at or near “-” LINE 1: CREATE UNLOGGED TABLE wkf190441_377_-2059232018(


The permanent fix requires an upgrade to 9026 or above. The workaround for versions prior is to update the javascript code within the workflow to utilize “Math.abs()”.

Old code :
vars.tableName = NL.SQL.getWorkTableName(“wkf”, + “" + task.taskIdentifier + "” + list.listId;

New code :
vars.tableName = NL.SQL.getWorkTableName(“wkf”, Math.abs( + “" + Math.abs(task.taskIdentifier) + "” + Math.abs(list.listId);

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