Not able to create emails on ACS Instance


Problem Description =

We have 2 customers who have reported that they get following error:

Erreur : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘metamodel’ of null
Pile d’exécution : TypeError: Cannot read property ‘metamodel’ of null
at Object.onSuccess

When they try to create an email, through home widget, clicking create button in Marketing Activities or through a workflow.
This issue doesn’t impact every user.


  • Login into the instance. Go to Home Page. Click on “Create an Email”. - Error will appear.
  • Go to Marketing Activities. Click on Create. Select Email Delivery. - Error will appear.
  • Create a workflow. Add a Delivery activity. Open the activity. - Error will appear.


Problem Resolution = The issue seems to be caused by caching in the browser. When the users logged in the instance using incognito mode of another browser, they didn’t face this issue.

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