No images in transactional email


Images don’t display in transactional emails sent from the Message Center.

The error message in the email says “The linked image cannot be displayed” and a red cross shows.

The image URLs are visible in the Tracking&Images tab of the delivery template with status Skipped (do not put online).

Images are visible if the message is sent as a proof.

The image is uploaded in the Public resources and when image URL is pasted in a browser, the image can be displayed.


Check the HTML source code of the email delivery and verify the image URLs to see where the images are hosted and if the URL corresponds with the public resource URL of the instance.

Often customers will develop a template in stage and import it into the production environment without changing the URLs.

If the URLs do not match the public resource URL, the images will not show correctly in the email.

Proofs for transactional messages are sent directly from the marketing instance; they don’t go through the Message Center, so the fact that Proof is ok is irrelevant.

Solution: if image URLs don’t match, ask the customer to update them correctly in the transactional message template and republish the template to the Message Center.

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