Unable to export recipeintID in ACS

Last update: 2022-09-27


You will not be able to export recipeintID from the profile table in ACS.


You wont be able to extract these columns as they are defined with the attribute pkgStatus set to never. Which means you will never be able to export it.

The recipient ID is encrypted and is passed across various entities in Adobe Campaign Standard for referencing data, such as reports, workflows, deliveries etc. Now the ID is just a numeric number and is assigned in series. Hence its very easy to predict random recipient IDs and pull data from Campaign which is in-turn a security flaw.

Whereas, in ACC the internal cryptString function is used to first encrypt the recipeint ID and then use in URLs as query parameters. Hence you can export it as it will be of no use until you use the internal cryptString function to do any kind of querying in web-apps or JSSPs.

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