Concept of Branding in email delivery and Landing Page


Difference in concept of Brand configuration in email delivery and Landing Page

Brand configuration can be used in both email deliveries and landing pages.

However, there is a difference when using branding in both.


Brand Configuration parameters in Email deliveries

Linking a web tracking parameter URL associated with a brand would redirect the URL with the brand name. In email deliveries, branding is based on tracking.

For e.g. Company ABC wants to append their company name to all the URL’s included in their emails, they can define that link in the brand configuration and associate the brand with the email delivery.

Upon clicking the links in the email, the link will redirect to a URL appended with the company name.

Brand Configuration parameters in Landing Page

Associating a Brand to a Landing Page would only brand the original webapp/landing page name. No URL’s inside the source of webapp/landing page would be branded.

This is because in landing page, there is no concept of branding.

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