Campaign Standard - Unable to see any value from “Long text” fields in email


I am trying to create text fields with the type "Long text in any Custom Resource (say table extended from Profile).

After publishing, I fill this field with some text and then try to display the text from this field in the email, but I see nothing when I receive an email with this variable %= context.profile.cusTestMemoField %.

When I click on “Data” link on the left sidebar, we are able to see the text in JSON, but it is impossible to print the value from this field anywhere in email.


Details of the Issue:

The issue is in the srcSchemas generated when publishing a cusResource using a Long Text field.

The field is generated as:

attribute category=“99_none” label=“longText” name=“cusLongText” type=“memo”/

And is referenced in the resource definition as:

attribute name=“cusLongText” template=“ext:recipient:recipient/@cusLongText”/

Now, the above is coherent but equally wrong.

Correct syntax:

element category=“99_none” label=“longText” name=“cusLongText” type=“memo”/

And referenced as:

element name=“cusLongText” template=“ext:recipient:recipient/cusLongText”/

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