Products and events


Considering event1 as a counter event and event2 as a numeric event, and the below set of tags:

s.evar1 = “1st Test”

s.products = “;;;;event1”; = “event1=3”;

s.evar1 = “2nd Test”

s.products = “;;;;event2=4”; = “event2=5”;


How would the report look like?


Two important facts regarding events passed as part of the product string and events tag:

1. The event passed in the event list must be valid to be considered.

2. The event list takes precedence over the product string, when both are used/valid.

Based on the above facts, the reports would look like:

Evar1 Event1 Event2
1st Test 1
2nd Test 5

As the syntax of event1 is incorrect in the first set of tag, the value passed in product string is considered. In the second set of tags, the syntax of event2 is valid in both the product string and event list and so the event list is considered.

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