ACC - iOS Push Notification Error - APNS Server: #HOSTNAME# an error ‘DeviceTokenNotForTopic’


Unable to send iOS push notifications using either the binary connector or the HTTP2 connector.   On the binary connector, the request’s status is “Pushed to the connector,” although the user doesn’t receive the alert.  When  switched to the HTTP2 connector, you may still receive an error:  APNS server returned an error ‘DeviceTokenNotForTopic.’

Below is the error message that may appear

 APNS Server: #HOSTNAME# an error ‘DeviceTokenNotForTopic’.

The initial error was because the certificate had expired. Still, this issue was resolved by uploading the new Cert and password.

The customer tried reinstalling the certificates and setting the Delivery Log Qualification Status to “Keep,” as noted in NEO-11787 and restarted the services, but that didn’t help.


We were able to pinpoint the issue; the issue was due to the cert containing two cert and two private keys’; we advised the customer to split those separately into separate certs and resolved the issue.

Please Note- If  On-Premise, you can be advised to split the certs to resolve the issue. If you are Adobe Hosted, you can reach out to support team with new certs containing singular keys.

The following Command can do extraction of certificates:

openssl pkcs12 -in certificate package file.p12 -out apns_cert.pem -clcerts -nokeys

Note- You need to have SSL installed on your machine for this to be used.

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