Campaign Classic - Delivery approval issue


A delivery was sent to the recipients without getting approval for content when the option was checked and the operator group was assigned.

The delivery in question shows that while the content approval was turned on, the delivery was sent out without getting approved since no approval logs are there in the delivery dashboard.


The cause of this issue is that the customer’s delivery XML is missing a critical argument for content approval(useContentValidation), and many others. It’s corrupted.

Customers validation looks like this.

validation useBudgetValidation=“0” useFCPValidation=“0” useTargetValidation=“0”
content primaryAssignee-cs=“Content Approvers (cusContentApprovers)” primaryAssignee-type=“1”
primaryAssignee _operation=“none” name=“cusContentApprovers” type=“1”/

Case where content approval is activated looks like this:

validation assignEdition=“0” disableNotification=“0” externalValidation=“0” sandboxMode=“0”
sandboxModeEnforced=“0” useBudgetValidation=“0” useContentValidation=“1”
useExtractionValidation=“1” useFCPEmailValidation=“0” useFCPPaperValidation=“0”
useFCPPhoneValidation=“0” useFCPSMSValidation=“0” useFCPValidation=“0”
useLinkedDeliveryValidation=“0” useTargetValidation=“0” validationMode=“0”
validation delay=“259200” type=“0”/
content primaryAssignee-cs=“Administrator (admin)” primaryAssignee-id=“1055”

This can happen during an incorrect copy of the delivery, which is not recommended. It’s recommended to use a delivery template or create a new one.

How do we know it’s a copy?

2019-07-05 16:01:59.874+05:30 00002572 00007893 1 info log Approval of content for main delivery ‘Copy of Label (internalName)’ by operator ‘XXXXXX User (xxxxxx)’
2019-07-05 16:14:59.526+05:30 00002572 00007D6C 1 info log Approval of content for main delivery ‘Copy of Label (internalName)’ by operator ‘XXXXXX User (xxxxxx)’
2019-07-05 16:27:40.169+05:30 00002572 00000798 1 info log Approval of content for main delivery ‘Copy of Label (internalName)’ by operator ‘XXXXXX User (xxxxxx)’

These are the other deliveries from the same campaign.

If customer wants to copy deliveries in this way, make sure to check all approval tags in the XML before sending.

How can they do that? Open up delivery inside the campaign, click on Delivery Tab, right-click on empty space and click “Edit XML Source”, find the validation tag previously mentioned, and check if everything is correct.

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