What is the difference between Target Visitors and Analytics Visitors?


Target Visitors Vs Analytics Unique Visitors


The difference between the Target report metric “Visitors” and Analytics report metric “Unique Visitors”  is below

Target Visitor is a participant in the activity, for the life of the campaign.
Visitor will be counted as a new entrant if he or she visits the site from a new computer or a new browser; deletes the cookie; or converts and returns to the activity with the same cookie. An entrant is identified by the PCID in the visitor’s mbox cookie. If the PCID changes, the person is considered a new visitor.

Analytics Unique visitors refers to a visitor who visits a site for the first time within a specified time period. For example, the unique visitor can visit a site ten times in a week, but if the time period is week, a single unique visitor is counted only once for that week .

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