Adobe I/O projects not available in Admin Console


Adobe Analytics

A project created via Adobe I/O is not showing up in Admin Console.


There are 2 types of authentications that Adobe I/O console provides:

1. OAuth Integration:

  • It doesn’t need to be linked to a product profile, because users have to login with their Adobe ID to access API via this authorization.
  • So what kind of API, elements, metrics, etc., can a user access is totally based on user profile.

2. Service Based Integration:

  • This is particularly used by team or users like Dev team.

  • Its authentication is done via public-private key.

  • Its needs to be linked to a product profile. Why? Because users don’t login to access API. They’re to use a private key to to get the access token.

  • So how would you decide the API access level where user is not logging in via his Adobe ID - that’s where product profile come into picture.

    Whatever access is there in the profile, the same applies to the API.

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