ACC - Billing (active profiles) fails: integer out of range


A client has reported an issue while running the billingActiveContactCount workflow. The following error is generated:

WDB-200001 SQL statement 'INSERT INTO NmsActiveContact(sActiveContactKey,sSource,tsLastContact,iSourceId) SELECT COALESCE( sFld4005298238, NULL),COALESCE( sFld4007002175, NULL),COALESCE( tsFld4007002176, NULL),COALESCE( CASE iEnaFld869990403 WHEN 1 THEN biFld869990403 ELSE NULL END, 0)  FROM wkf183571193_18893_1 WHERE iRecProcState:#(1)# AND iRecProcState=:#(2)# AND  COALESCE(sPKey_1,NULL) IS NULL' could not be executed.   Param(0)=0   Param(1)=10000

PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR:  integer out of range 


This issue has been reported to R&D (NEO-16828 and NEO-37066) and has been addressed by an overhaul of the billing workflow in builds 9330+.

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