Can a Target Audience be created based on cookie value?


Can a Target Audience be created based on cookie value? It seems by default Adobe Target is not able to do this.


There is no option in Adobe Target to create audience based on cookie value, but this can be done with help of Adobe Launch.

1.Go to data elements in Adobe Launch

2.Add data element

3.Name : Element_Name

  1. Extension : Core

  2. Data Element Type : Cookie

  3. Default Value : None

  4. Check Clean Text

  5. Storage Duration : Page view / Session / Visitor - As per your requirement

  6. Cookie Name : Cookie_Name

  7. Save Data element

  8. Pass it in your global mbox

  9. Name: any name to capture in target

13. Value : Data element name that you created earlier

Then, go to Adobe Target.

1.Create Audience

2.Rule - Custom - Type Name (which is passed in mbox through launch) - follow your conditions

if you choose to use js, you can use a code snippet that looks something like this:

targetPageParams = function() {

var cookieValue = document.cookie.replace(/(?:(?%3A%7C.%5C*%3B%5Cs%5C*=&lang=en)COOKIENAME\s*=\s*(;*).*$)|.*$/, “$1”);

return “PARAMNAME=”+cookieValue;


/* replace COOKIENAME and PARAMNAME */

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