Does Adobe Target collect PII information?

Last update: 2024-01-20

Learn about whether Adobe Target collects PII information.



Adobe Target (AT)


Does Adobe Target collect and store referrer data, as this can potentially contain the CUSTNAME & CUSTID parameters that have PII information?



Adobe Target doesn’t collect any PII data itself. If the customer is passing any PII data to Target via mbox parameters or any other method, then they are responsible for it, and they should not send such data to Target.

  • If the data of concern was in the referrer URL only, then it should not be an issue as the referrer URL is not stored. The referrer URL is used only within the session for determining targeting conditions.
  • If the data of concern was sent to Target as mbox profile parameters or via profile update API or CRS, etc., then yes, that data will get stored. That data, however, is governed by profile lifetime settings which are set to 14 days for this customer. If a previous visitor does not return for 15 days, that profile expires. If a previous visitor returns before the original two-week profile expires, the profile is reset to the extended lifetime.

There is a distinction between Personal Data and PII. PII is a USA-centric term that includes some very specific data. Personal Data, however, is broader. Adobe absolutely collects “Personal Data” related to a visitor. This is clearly outlined in our Privacy Policy.

If the customer has mistakenly used eVar to collect an attribute they consider to be sensitive, they should discontinue this practice.

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