Impact of changes in profile merge rule on segment population


How changing profile merge rules impact total segment population?


  • Any change in the PMR will recalculate segment population.
  • Historical data will not be retained, if existing users don’t align with new PMR.As a result, we might see reduced or increased segment population.
  • Current Authenticated profile option evaluates profiles in Real-Time while Last Authenticated does the evaluation on backend server. So, after changing the PMR, allow a minimum of 36-48hours to see updated segment population.
  • Changing profile option from “No cross-device” to any of the authenticated profile option, would required additional customerID information in the AAM data collection. Without customerID details, segments won’t qualify.
  • In case of People Based Destination (PBD) specific PMR, ensure that correct datasource has been selected to keep segments intact with Hashed email IDs.

Profile Merge Rules Overview

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