Size of the images has reduced when served by Target Activity using Scene7


When you use the swap image functionality in Target VEC, while creating an activity experience. You may experience that the size of the image (used to swap the image) is reduced , when activity is delivered.


Explaination :

At the time of swap image the height and width are calculated from the computedStyle of the website(style in displaying the element, after ““stylings”” from multiple sources have been applied).

There is no inbuilt product capability to remove those parameter.

Workaround :

  1. Instead of swap image customer can edit the source of the image and place the scene7 url by removing/updating these parameters.


  1. There is one more way to remove height and width i.e. by doing edit html on the parent of the swapped imaged

Additional Query :

How do you fetch the Scene7 URL for each image?
Answer : You will get the Scene7 URL at the time of offer delivery or you can fetch the activity definition from TNT(Target Classic). There is no upfront way to get the Scene7 URL prior to activity save.

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