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To demonstrate, how you can apply localization on Adobe Scene 7 HTML5 Viewers
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Every textual content in the viewer that can be localized is represented by a special HTML5 Viewer SDK identifier called SYMBOL.
Any SYMBOL has a default associated text value for the English locale (“en”) supplied with the out-of-the-box viewer. It also may have user-defined values set for as many locales as needed.

User-defined localization data can be passed to the viewer as a localization JSON object. Such object contains the list of supported locales, SYMBOL text values for each locale, and the default locale.

Here is an example of such a localization object :

style type=“text/css”
script type=“text/javascript” language=“javascript” src=“”/script
    div id=“s7flyout_div”/div
    script type=“text/javascript”
    var s7flyout_div = new s7viewers.FlyoutViewer();
    s7flyout_div.setParam(“serverurl”, “”);
    s7flyout_div.setParam(“contentRoot”, “”);
    s7flyout_div.setLocalizedTexts({“en”:{“FlyoutZoomView.TIP_BUBBLE_OVER”:“Mouse over to zoom”},“fr”:{“FlyoutZoomView.TIP_BUBBLE_OVER”:“Passez la souris sur pour zoomer”},defaultLocale:“fr”})

Choose "defaultLocale:“fr” will load the French data on HTML5 Viewer (After Viewers loads)

Additional Information
Here is the documentation about creating Localization Text (In different languages) on HTML5 Viewers :

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