Can we change the “from” address in the email that is sent after an asset is shared from Brand Portal?


AEM + Brand Portal
Question Detail
Customer’s use brand portal to share and distribute assets and email is sent from “”. How can the “from” email address be changed to company’s email address?


Brand portal is a multi-tenant setup, allowing every customer/tenant to setup their own “from” email address is a feature request. Brand portal is hosted in adobe data centers. If the “From” email address domain(say customer’s) is different from where email was routed, it would likely end up in spam folder. Since the “from” email address is and initial routing mail server is also within adobe, it doesn’t end up in spam.

This is in discussion phase and will be addressed in future release. So,  it is not possible to change the “from” email address to any other address as of now.

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