Handling failure associated with bulk asset update in AEM


AEM 6.x

When modifying a large number of assets at once, the process will fail to update some of the assets.

When reviewing the error log, a limitation appears to be reached based on the error messages similar to:

18.05.2017 15:12:26.887 *WARN* qtp543692490-318999 org.apache.sling.engine.impl.parameters.Util Too many name/value pairs, stopped processing after 10000 entries


The parameter Maximum POST Parameters that controls this can be found here:


When you do your POST, the number of assets you can update at any one time will be dependent on the number of properties that you need to update.

From a rough estimation and extrapolation of updating just a single property, a conservative update on a single property can be done on 100 assets at any one time.

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