Scene7 Publishing System 6.8 Release Notes (May 2014)

The latest release notes that describe the latest features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.8–part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Scene7 Publishing System 6.8 Release Notes (May 2014)

The latest release notes that describe the latest features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.8-part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Release highlights

  • Support added for responsive web design—Responsive image serving based on breakpoints and responsive HTML5 viewers (Imagesets, Video, Mixed Media, eCatalog, Spinsets, Swatchsets, Zoom) that dynamically resize based on page layout.
  • Adobe Analytics Video Report integration.
  • Advanced HTML5 Viewer Customization— Create custom viewer interactions with the embedding web page.
  • Image enhancement—Added ability to crop images to an embedded path on delivery.


The following were updated:

  • Minimum system requirement for Windows operating system is now Windows 7.
  • Minimum system requirement for Internet Explorer is now version 9.
  • Minimum system requirement for Mac OS is now Mac OS 10.8.
  • Minimum system requirement for Safari is now version 6.

The following were refactored:

  • HTML5 viewers to support responsive design.
  • HTML5 viewers to use CSS input and size markers to control display on desktop and mobile devices.

The following is now supported:

  • Adobe Analytics video reports integration for HTML5 Video Viewer and Mixed Media Viewer.
  • Event tracking of multiple HTML5 viewers on the same page.
  • Added SetIndicator to HTML5 Zoom Viewer and HTML5 Mixed Media Viewer to visually represent swatches on mobile devices.
  • Added getComponent API to allow external access to HTML5 viewer components.
  • HTML5 viewer configuration parameters passed as a single JSON object.
  • WebVTT captions to be passed as JSON object, eliminating the need for ruleset configuration.
  • JavaScript templates in HTML5 eCatalog Viewer for linking image maps to external pages.
  • Linking to pages within the HTML5 eCatalog Viewer.
  • stagesize to HTML5 Flyout Viewer.
  • initComplete handler to HTML5 viewers for triggering functions after viewers.
  • Analytics handler to HTML5 viewers for supporting third-party tracking.
  • Added “Select All” button to make it easier to obtain Link and Embed Code for social sharing.
  • Added resize for FlyoutZoomView.
  • Setting image reload breakpoints for FlyoutZoomView when used with responsive design.
  • Added click support for adjusting volume.
  • SpinView and ZoomView to apply gestures to embedding web page when not interacting with viewer.
  • Added unload() API to SpinView and ZoomView to allow disposing of the component at runtime.
  • The Video Viewer to apply gestures to the embedding web page when not interacting with viewer.
  • Setting initial zoom region for ZoomView.
  • ZoomView to hide IconEffect component when zoom is not possible

See also Viewers Reference Guide.


  • Support for Progressive JPEG.
  • Changed default unsharp masking settings for new clients.
  • Added unsharp masking operations to Reprocess asset jobs.
  • Added warning when deleting Image Presets.
  • Setting image reload breakpoints when used for responsive design.


  • Incoming files are now checked for viruses using Clam AntiVirus before ingestion. Any failed files are immediately quarantined.
  • Extend the job details pop-up to include the time for each detail record.
  • Implemented API to delete a metadata value from an asset (deleteAssetMetadata).
  • Changed the default search behavior to include dc.subject.
  • Changed the password reset mechanism-Forgot Password-to a multi-step process to avoid DOS.
  • Convert forgot password email form HTML to plain text to prevent blocklisting.
  • Eliminated the default role.
  • Besides the ability to upload content to Scene7 Publishing System by way of server directory upload (ftp) and upload URLs, you can now also upload content using HTTP POST. See the Image Production System API for more information on using HTTP POST.

Bug fixes


  • Potential Flash Fastzoom and Flyout viewers security issues.
  • HTML5 viewers not loading due to unrecognized UserAgent.
  • HTML5 eCatalog Viewer mouse drag-and-drop not working in Internet Explorer with page containing image maps.
  • HTML5 Video Viewer prevents access to unblock Flash plug-in.
  • HTML5 viewers prevent printing on Firefox browser.
  • HTML5 Zoom Viewer displays a slight jitter when initiating or resetting zoom.
  • HTTPS support for HTML5 and AS3 viewers.
  • autoResize should not be in the HTML Flyout viewer Copy URL/Embed code.
  • No videoserverurl modifier in the HTML5 Video viewer Copy URL.
  • The parameter contenturl is from Publish server HTML5 Viewer preview URL.


  • Unable to add Adjusted view as Default Image in Image Publish setup.
  • Change colorManagementOptions label “Convert to SRGB (default)” to “Default Color Management”.
  • When in File > Edit Info > select multiple image assets, then edit info was not available.


  • Added alert message when you edit the Adobe Analytics configuration and then attempt to escape from the setup without saving.

  • Project options reference is reset to None when editing a scheduled upload job.

  • The File-Move folder should not be shown for User role.

  • Could not see some of the tabs in Details view.

  • Web-to-print editing error when the Flashplayer debug version is installed.

  • “Space After” does not work; it should use ‘sa’, currently it’s ‘margb’.

  • When initializing the company settings, Scene7 Publishing System sends duplicate option <defaultValue> in API <createMetadataField>.

  • Flash plug-in and Scene7 Publishing System crashed due to a large number of folders not having enough Flash memory.

  • When removing the value for Date/Time user-defined field, Scene7 Publishing System does not send a request to IPS (Image Publishing System).

  • If Evideo encoding options are enabled, reprocessing a PDF or PSD file encountered the Adaptive Video Encoding warning message.

  • Fail to export asset when SSL is enabled.

  • Incorrect password was being shown in the Forgot Password email.

  • Any Scene7 Publishing System Web Admin requests are redirected to HTTP.

  • All batchset presets were being applied during upload if no presets were selected.

  • Scene7 Publishing System request s7info by way of HTTP when uploading s7info content.

  • The URL in the Forgot Password email is HTTP, even if it came from SSL Scene7 Publishing System.

  • Special characters were getting encoded in an HTML formatted “Forget Password” email, causing the password to not display correctly.

  • Scene7 FTP account information is missing in the Welcome email for a Trial account

  • Reprocess job failed when both project option and crop option are selected.

  • Upload file not working when job options are reset to company defaults.

  • The label Company does not display completely in Adobe Analytics Setup page.

  • Unable to import metadata.

Known issues

  • The May 2014 update of Adobe Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud) and Adobe InDesign CC is expected to introduce incompatibilities with plug-ins that create Scene7 FXG. These incompatibilities affect users of the Scene7 Web-to-Print solution. If you use Scene7 Web-to-Print, please do not upgrade Illustrator and InDesign to this Creative Cloud update. Instead, keep using the pre-May 2014 version. Adobe Systems expects the restoration of compatibility of Scene7 FXG creation with newer versions of Illustrator and InDesign in the Fall 2014 timeframe.
  • Embed Code button not working when the Universal Viewer preset contains disabled default AS2 preset.
  • Reprocessing of Adaptive Video Set always creates a new Adaptive Video Set.
  • The user interface of the Job Details dialog box is truncated on the right after adding Time in the details.

Features no longer supported

  • Text hyphenation will be de-supported in the Scene7 6.9 Fall release. The hyphenation dictionaries define how words can be split and hyphenated to support optimal text flow.
  • Effective January 31, 2014, Scene7 officially ended support for the DHTML viewer platform.
  • Dynamic (Flash) Banners are being deprecated in this release. Adoption of this feature has been low as other technologies have emerged for creating, managing, and delivering personalized website banners. Scene7 Dynamic (Flash) Banner functionality will continue working on the server-side but it will no longer be supported.
  • Reminder: Metadata Server and the use of associated APIs has been officially de-supported as of the previous Scene7 release.
  • Scene7 Creative Suite Extensions (Flash Panels) will be deprecated at the end of 2014. Further development of content ingestion workflows are focusing on Adobe Experience Manager Dynamic Media and Creative Cloud. For Scene7, upload and export capabilities in the Scene7 Publishing System will remain and can be used instead.
  • As of May 2014, Akamai no longer supports email notification when Cache Invalidation in Scene7 is complete. Typical processing time for CDN invalidation is approximately eight minutes. If there is a large queue of requests, or a large number of URLs, processing time can take slightly longer.
  • Category “Universal Presets” in the URL and Embed code tab in Detail view.
  • RTMP streaming for video detail view.
  • “Email Communications” and SendMailSimple.jsp servlet from Scene7 Publishing System.
  • Scene7 FTP account section in Welcome email template for Media Portal User.
  • dc.title from filter panel as it caused the IPS (Image Publishing System) instance to go down.
  • Social features displaying in full screen mode on HTML5 viewers.
  • Close button displaying in full screen mode on HTML5 viewers.

Release notes for Dynamic Media Image Serving Viewers 5.0.1


New features and bug fixes in Scene7 SDK 2.7.1


  • Increased minimum requirements to iOS6.
  • Fixed: Safari Tooltips displaced off screen in fullscreen mode.
  • Refactored tooltips to address various bugs.


  • Added support for CSS to default button styles.


  • Fixed: Incorrect container size after returning from full screen and swapping assets…
  • Fixed: Container coordinates incorrect if container is shifted by means of CSS transformation.


  • Fixed: Tooltip artifact occurring with Remove button.
  • Fixed: Scroll bar tool tips show behind user interface and are cropped.
  • Fixed: “Cancel” tool tip appearing behind the Send Email button.


  • Fixed: Embed code text not wrap and appears over scrollbar on Internet Explorer.


  • Fixed: Flyout events are not dispatched on Internet Explorer 8.

Mutable Volume

  • Fixed: Volume tool tip showing under volume bar.


  • Fixed: selectSwatch method not triggering when embedded in the initViewer() function.


  • Added support for bearing modifier to control layout location of share buttons.
  • Added events to control pause/play when interacting with social features.
  • Fixed: Social Sharing icon not fading out with the controlbar on Zoom.
  • Fixed: Social Sharing icon not appearing upon initial fade in with Galaxy SIII.
  • Fixed: Social Sharing modal dialogs do not display in full screen mode on iPad3.
  • Fixed: Social Sharing modal dialogs do not display in full screen mode on Mac with Safari 5.1.
  • Fixed: Social Sharing modal dialogs appearing off-screen after scrolling.


  • Fixed: ThumbnailGridView does not send AssetEvent.ASSET_CHANGED.


  • Added support for initialBitRate modifier to select bit rate used for initial playback on desktop.
  • Implemented iPhone video proxy to address video issues on iPhone devices.
  • Added support for event listener to pause playback when social features are invoked.
  • Playback mode set to auto now uses native player on Safari desktop.
  • Fixed: HTTPS Protocol generating security warning on IE8 using the Flash playback.
  • Fixed: Video does not size correctly in full screen mode on Safari 5 using the Flash playback.
  • Fixed: Swatches in media set cannot be selected after video plays on iPhone.


  • Fixed: Artifacts displayed after zooming into image or rotating device on Android.

New features and bug fixes in S7OnDemand 5.0.1

  • Fixed: HTTPS support for HTML5 and AS3 Viewers.
  • Added responsive support to HTML5 Viewers embed code.
  • Embed code for HTML5 viewers passes configuration parameters as single JSON object.

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