Scene7 Publishing System 6.7 Release Notes

The latest release notes that describe the latest features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.7–part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Effective January 31, 2014, Scene7 will officially end-of-life support for the DHTML viewer platform.

For more information about this change, see the following FAQ website:

New Software Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

Asset Management and Publishing

  • Added user-interface support for activation time by way of Application Setup in Metadata > User-defined fields to designate delayed delivery of assets for specific launches or sales.

    More information.

  • Added ability to automatically generate multi-axis 2D spin sets on upload and during reprocessing using the new Batch Set Type Multi-Axis Spin Set.

    More information.

HTML5 Viewers SDK

The Adobe Scene7 HTML5 Viewers SDK is available as part of the SDK download from Adobe Developer Connection.

More information.

  • New components

    • Added ClosedCaptionButton component.
    • Added EmailShare component.
    • Added EmbedShare component.
    • Added FacebookShare component.
    • Added LinkShare component.
    • Added SocialShare component.
    • Added TwitterShare component.
  • ControlBar

    Added support for control bar to remain on-screen indefinitely.

  • SpinView

    Removed global event handler: window.onunload.

  • VideoPlayer

    Added support for captions.

    Added support for playback on Blackberry mobile devices.

  • Video Scrubber

    Added support for clicking on scrubber to seek.

  • Zoom View

    Added fade animation to frame transition.

    Removed global event handler: window.onunload.

Out-of-the-box HTML5 Viewers

  • New Zoom Viewers ( Universal_HTML5_Zoom_dark and Universal_HTML5_Zoom_light)

  • New Image Set Viewers ( Universal_HTML5_ImageSet_dark and Universal_HTML5_ImageSet_light)

  • New eCatalog Viewer ( Universal_HTML5_eCatalog with added support for social media sharing capabilities.)

    • Added support for social media sharing capabilities.
  • New Spin Viewer ( Universal_HTML5_SpinSet_dark and Universal_HTML5_SpinSet_light)

  • New Mixed Media Set Viewer ( Universal_HTML5_MixedMedia_dark and Universal_HTML5_MixedMedia_light)

  • New eVideo Viewer ( Universal_HTML5_Video_Social with added support for social media sharing capabilities and WebVTT caption files (.vtt) for closed captioning.)

    • Added support for social media sharing capabilities.
    • Added support for closed captioning.
    • Added support for replay at the end of video playback.
    • Added click support for video seeking.

Viewer preset compatibility matrix.

Adding captions to eVideo.

  • Improved performance when searching metadata in SPS

    In Personal Setup, in the Browser group, the option Include UDF’s (User-Defined Fields) in Search is now deselected (off) by default for all user accounts to improve system performance for most metadata searches that you run.

    Personal Setup.

    If most of your metadata searches benefit from including user-defined fields, you can select this option to turn it on. As an alternative, use Advanced Search to allow for a more directed and faster search than including all user-defined fields.

    Advanced search.


  • Added closed captioning support to the new Universal_HTML5_Video_Social viewer, by way of WebVTT files.

    Adding captions to eVideo.

  • Primary source Video is now excluded from any Adaptive Video Set.

    Previously, the primary MP4 or F4V source file was automatically added to the system-generated Adaptive Video Set. As a result, these large primary source files sometimes caused video playback problems. Now, when you apply a series of encoding presets to the primary video, you can expect to see an Adaptive Video Set without the primary source file.

  • New Adaptive Video Encoding (16:9 or 4:3).

    This new option combines all five 16:9 Adaptive Video encoding presets and all five 4:3 Adaptive Video encoding presets into one primary encoding preset list. When you upload your video using this new option, it automatically applies the correct encoding presets to match the aspect ratio of your source video. (This setting replaced the previous Adaptive Video encoding presets.)

    More information.

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