Scene7 Publishing System 6.6 Release Notes

The latest release notes that describe the latest features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.6–part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Effective January 31, 2014, Scene7 officially ended support for the DHTML viewer platform.

New Software Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

Asset Management and Publishing

  • Instant Publishing

    Improves speed and predictability of publishing process by eliminating the need to mark assets for publishing prior to publishing. Being rolled out gradually.

  • Search performance improvements for customers with large asset repositories.

  • Auto Set Generation now allows the selection of folders.

  • Improved usability for generating a URL for published, static assets.



    The following features and enhancements were added to the Scene7 Viewer, HTML5 Software Development Kit:

    • The handling of swatches such as dragging on the first or last swatch, swatch alignment, scrolling one page of swatches at a time, and container fill.
    • Added support for transparency in Zoom view, Zoom targets, Swatches, navigation view, and Spin view.
    • Compatibility with Prototype JavaScript (prototype.js).
    • Compatibility with jQuery on Internet Explorer.
    • Enhancements made to eCatalog page scrubber, grid view, page view, and swatch thumbnails.
    • Logging support and trace statements for troubleshooting.
  • Out-of-the box HTML5 viewers

    • You can now develop a video player with the ability to play on desktop computers and multiple mobile devices, all from a single platform. You can create this capability by way of the Scene7 Viewer, HTML5 Software Development Kit, version 6.5.
    • A new embedded Flyout zoom (FlyoutViewer) image viewer is now available for desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Embed Code

    • Universal Viewer Embed SDK is now integrated with Scene7 Publishing System.
    • Embedding of HTML5 viewers with JavaScript (not iframe).
    • Support added for asset and viewer modifiers in universal viewer embed.
    • Support added for JavaScript functions in the Universal Viewer embed code, such as tracking by way of SiteCatalyst.
  • Improved reliability of eCatalog functionality with various enhancements to S7Info, S7Search, and S7InfoAdmin.

Adaptive Creative and Imaging

  • Improve efficiency of asset ingestion and preparation.

    • Remove opaque image background on ingestion.

      Pixel-based. User-definable handling of interior areas.

    • Auto-crop to path-boundary enhancements.

      Pixel-based. Eliminates need for a transparent pixel in the lower left corner.

  • Web To Print enhancements

    • Convert fonts to outlines.
    • Maintain source image format and color space during FXG conversion.

Security Improvements

  • SPS security enhancements

    • Support for SSL (for areas where communication remains unencrypted)
    • Account enumeration: challenge-response test for username submission
    • Email servlet authentication restricts access to email sending
    • Removed restricted access to Record Login servlet
    • Password reset via encrypted link
    • Segregate DNS (SPS and Image Server)
  • IPS security enhancement

    • Client-focused request to move all originating applications doing API requests to SSL


  • A new, out-of-the-box universal HTML5 Video player that lets you design all of the video components once-such as buttons and play timer-in HTML5 and then deliver the best possible video playback experience across multiple devices and screens.
  • Improved video encoding turnaround time where one video file is read and then output to multiple encodings.

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