Scene7 Publishing System 6.5 Release Notes

The latest release notes that describe the latest features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.5–part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

New Software Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

Important Information Regarding Asset Publishing

The publishing process in Scene7 is changing during Q1 and Q2 2013. The current two-step process of Mark for Publish and Publish will be streamlined into a one-step process. The Mark for Publish state will no longer exist and assets will either be in a published or unpublished state. Marking an asset for publish will automatically publish the asset.

Asset Management and Publishing

  • Automated Set Generation

    Added ability to select assets and run the Automated Set Generation as an independent job.

  • Added support for the unpackaging of ZIP/TAR files on upload into Adobe Scene7 Publishing System.

    When uploading ZIP and TAR files to SPS, you can select to unpack assets to the directory structure included in the compressed files.

  • Added support for dragging and dropping folders.

    You can also move a folder by selecting File > Move Folder.


  • Added three new HTML5 viewers: MixedMedia_HTML5, FlyoutZoom_HTML5, and Mobile_Spin_HTML5 (supports both single-axis and multi-axis spin sets).
  • All HTML5 Viewers are now supported on the desktop.
  • The following enhancements were added to the Scene7 Viewer, HTML5 Software Development Kit:

    • JavaScript Library enhancements

      Added support for Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 to most components. Embedded default CSS properties in JavaScript files for components. Revised JSON request to support multiple viewers on the same web page.

    • Added support for tool tips to buttons and swatches.

    • Added support for overlay message in FlyoutZoomView component.

    • SpinView enhancements

      Added support for two-dimensional Spin sets. Refined image preloading for the SpinView component. Refined image swap for the SpinView component. Added support for one- and two-dimensional inline Spin sets.

  • Extensive Embed Code enhancements have been made to simplify the deployment of viewers on your web pages. Enhancements include the following:

    • Added support for multiple universal video viewers on same web page.
    • Added support for multiple existing AS3/AS2 viewers on web page.
    • Added ability to set the background color of DIV.
    • Added ability to apply transparency.
    • Added ability to set a custom icon overlay.
    • A simple API for swapping image/asset within the embedded viewer.
    • Custom fallback for non-Flash enabled devices.
    • Storage of default configuration attributes on the server side.
    • DHTML flyout viewer injection on page.
  • You can now easily author and deploy localized viewers to extend your global reach. This capability is done by way of the Scene7 Viewer, HTML5 SDK.

Image Serving

  • Unsharp masking options are available when uploading files.
  • Sharpening can be applied on delivery within regions of an image.

User-generated Content

  • PDF is now a supported file format.
  • Performance enhancements more than 5x for user-generated content.

Image Authoring

  • The new Vignette Automation Module (s7vampy) automates the creation of vignettes.

Content Templates (Dynamic Banners and Web-To-Print)

  • Dynamic Banners includes improved HTML5 support, including ActionScript/Javascript cross-compilation
  • One-click preview of Dynamic Banners is now available in Firefox
  • Web-To-Print now allows dynamically creating hyperlinks in PDF output
  • Web-To-Print supports OpenType contextual ligatures and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign filter effects


  • The new Show Encoded Videos option on the General Settings page of Application Setup means that you can now consolidate video assets into a single asset type to streamline searching and browsing.
  • Secure testing of video is now available for progressive and HTTP streaming.
  • Video encoding support added for OGG Theora for progressive delivery of HTML5 video.
  • Improvements made to video encoding performance.
  • Added support for video playback on Blackberry and WinMobile 7 devices, including deployment through the Universal Viewer.
  • Extend the reach of your videos to hearing impaired and global markets by adding captioning to single eVideo assets.

Metadata and Similarity Search

  • The feature Similarity Search is no longer included in Scene7 Publishing System due to several technical issues. Adobe plans to make an alternative investment in imaging technology for future integration into Scene7.

Adobe Digital Marketing Suite Integrations

  • Scene7 now supports Adobe Test&Target HTML offers for personalization. Dynamically assemble offer elements for highly relevant banner content based on Test&Target profile scripts and campaign rules.

  • Extended integration with Adobe CQ offers folder-based asset repository synchronization and a unified content interface. Access, browse, and directly insert published dynamic assets in your Scene7 account into CQ page templates.

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