Scene7 Publishing System 6.0 Release Notes

Release notes that describe the features, enhancements, and fixes for Adobe Scene7 Publishing System 6.0–part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

New Features and Enhancements


  • Language support for Chinese.

  • Administrative enhancements including:

    • Export list of company users.
    • Send BCC emails to users.
    • Reset user passwords to a random password that a user can then reset.

Asset Management and Publishing

  • Improved workflow of asset publishing.
  • Improved usability of template previewing. See the following for more information:
  • Following this release, a new Instant Publish feature will be gradually rolled out. This feature will replace the current “Mark for Publish” functionality. Some users will see the new functionality before others. SPS documentation and UI elements will be updated when the roll-out period nears completion. You will receive an email with more details when the roll out begins.


  • Added localization support for tool tip text in Flash AS3 and HTML5 Viewer Presets.

  • Extend the reach of your videos to global markets by adding captioning to single eVideo assets.

  • Added “Embed Code” to simplify the deployment of viewers.

    Using the Embed Code feature lets you review the viewer code for the selected asset type. You can also copy the code to the clipboard so you can paste it in your web pages for deployment of the viewer. Editing of the code is not permitted in the Embed Code dialog box. .

    The Embed Code feature is available when you open the Preview: Viewer List page or the URLs panel in Detail View for any of the following asset types:

    • Universal Viewers
    • Zoom
    • eCatalogs
    • Image Sets
    • Swatch Sets
    • Spin
    • Video Recuts
    • Adaptive Video Sets
    • Video
    • Mixed Media Sets
  • Extensive new viewer components in the HTML5 SDK. (See the HTML 5 SDK Readme included with the installer for further details.)

  • Enhanced Flash SDK. (See the Flash SDK Readme include with the installer for further details.)

  • New Flash AS3 viewers include the following:

    • Flyout Zoom
    • Image/Swatch Set Slideshow
    • Mixed Media with auto-spin
    • Spin with auto-spin
    • eCatalog
    • Video_caption
  • New HTML5 Viewers include the following:

    • Zoom
    • Image Set
    • Swatch Set
  • Added globalization support for viewers including localization of text and graphics. See the Flash or HTML5 Viewer SDK user guides included with the SDK installer.

  • Added interactivity to eCatalogs with embedded video and spin viewers.

  • Simplified access to the Flash and HTML5 viewer SDKs from Adobe Developer Connection.

  • Expanded universal viewer profiles - you can now have multiple profiles per viewer type.

  • Improved image delivery for feature phones using device detection to dynamically set size based on screen resolution and file size constraints.

Workflow Integrations

  • Integration with Adobe CQ5: asset synchronization, Scene7 viewers embedded in CQ5, and dynamic delivery of rich media content in CQ5 pages through Scene7 network.

  • New integrated workflow with Adobe Search&Promote: Easily add Scene7 marketing banners that are dynamically assembled based on Search&Promote campaign rules to search and navigation pages.

    See “About Banners” in Adobe Search&Promote documentation.

  • Scene7/Creative Suite - compatible with the upcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Content Templates (Dynamic Banners and Web-To-Print)

  • Template Sets - easily manage publishing different variations of a Scene7 basic template directly from within the Scene7 Publishing System, eliminating the need to change URLs in the page code.
  • Basic Template Editor “Developer Mode” - edit complex template URLs directly in the Scene7 Publishing System and instantly test the results with the built-in Preview.
  • Dynamically compile dynamic banner Flash source content (FLA) to animated GIF movies, including advanced frame management.
  • Dynamically manipulate warp distortions created with Adobe Illustrator in Scene7 Web to Print online workflow.


  • Improved performance turnaround time for transcoding videos.
  • Simplified desktop video presets by using the same fps as the source video.
  • Adaptive Video Sets are automatically generated to simplify deployment of video through a single universal URL. More information.
  • Added adaptive streaming for desktops to dynamically switch video quality based on user’s network connection.
  • Single checkbox encoding presets automatically encodes to multiple versions required for multiscreen playback.
  • HTTP-based video streaming.
  • iOS streaming for UGC (User-Generated Content) video.

Media Portal

  • Export large files without experiencing timeouts.

  • Create FTP accounts for users in your workgroup (admin).

  • Export list of users with groups and assets/permissions (admin).

  • Metadata schemas

    Metadata schemas define sets of metadata properties. Each property of the Metadata schema has a basic data type like String, Float, Integer, Date or Yes/No. Also lists, open choices or closed choices can be defined. Metadata schemas can be used in all metadata workflows like search, edit, import, metadata views and metadata presets.

    Metadata schemas are the successor technology for UDFs and are intended for customized metadata workflows especially in the context of the Metadata Server.

  • Metadata Server


    Metadata Server will be available starting in May. It must be enabled by support. Metadata Server is currently available only in North America and Europe.

  • The metadata Server exposes a subset of all metadata fields of an asset to a public-facing server and can be requested here by eCom pages or servers. This exposed metadata could a mix set of Asset Properties, UDFs, XMP and Metadata Schema properties. The Metadata Server offers a WEB-API with a variety of search capabilities like searches for metadata, or image similiarity, or both. For each returned asset a list of metadata properties is requested.

  • Metadata import can handle XMP properties

    The metadata import is extended to handle XMP properties and properties, defined in Metadata schemas.

  • Metadata View to display only fields containing values

    There is a new predefined Metadata View called “All Properties with Values” that only shows meta properties that contain values. Properties (from XMP, User-Defined Fields or the new Metadata Schemas) without values are hidden and will not show up.

  • Metadata settings now grouped in the administration user interface.

    In Setup > Application Setup, metadata-related setting pages are now grouped in a top-level section called Metadata. Here you find the setting pages for Metadata View, Metadata Presets, Metadata Schema and the User-Defined Fields.

This desktop application lets you import existing 3D models and author them as 2D vignette files. The resulting vignette files can be uploaded to SPS, where colors and textures can be replaced on-demand.

Software Fixes

The following issues have been fixed in Metadata Server:

  • Solved an issue that caused uploads of very large EPS files to fail.
  • “Metadata searches” with long result list silently fail. This issue causes wrong search results to be displayed.

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