Scene7 Viewers 5.4.2 Release Notes

Last update: 2022-02-14
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Adobe Scene7 Viewers

Viewer upgrades are backwards compatible. With this release, a viewer change for namespace support was made. As such, all out-of-the-box viewer presets were updated to reflect this change. However, if you created your own custom viewer presets, your viewers may exhibit problems and require updating your CSS based on these known issues:

  • Video viewer - Play/Pause button does not display Replay state.
  • Video viewer - Navigation markers do not display.
  • BasicZoom, Zoom, and Spin viewers - IconEffect does not display or displays SDK default art.
  • Flyout and Zoom viewers - Swatch scroll buttons do not display for large sets.

It is recommended that you test viewers on Adobe’s staging environment. The following website gives instructions on how you can set up your system to access Adobe’s staging server:

After you have set up your computer to access the staging server, you can check your website to test the upgrade. For customers using out-of-the-box viewers, best practice is for you to test against Adobe’s standard staging server and

New features and enhancements for 5.4.2

  • Viewer SDK is used in a namespace.
  • Viewer dispose() API.
  • Added support for Chrome browser on iOS devices.
  • Added support for Microsoft® Edge browser.
  • Added “Favorites” feature to eCatalog viewer.
  • Added support for running a viewer in the container which is hidden with display:none CSS or is detached from the DOM.
  • Added ability to control horizontal and vertical spin sensitivity and lock the direction of spin.
  • Viewer uses consolidated JavaScript file for SDK requests.

Bug fixes for 5.4.2

  • Intermittent pinch-to-zoom non-functional.
  • Full-screen buttons do not work on Microsoft® Edge browser.
  • Mode attribute on outer container is not reset to standard after leaving full-screen.
  • Text-align property in parent DIV affecting button placement on toolbar.
  • Flyout viewer: displaying the upper-left tile when the user scrolls the mouse over the main image.
  • Combination of “initialFrame, direction” is causing the image map to display incorrectly.
  • Unable to switch rows with an up/down gesture when a spinset contains only two rows.
  • Native controls do not work.
  • Chrome blocking flashproxy video playback.
  • Zoom viewer and Mixed Media viewer: Swatches have a transparent background in simulated full-screen mode.
  • Viewers: second and subsequent call of init() should be ignored.

Known issues and restrictions for 5.4.2

  • The Image Serving modifiers from iscommands are not added to the req=set request by design. Modifiers that only affect image display work fine. Modifiers affecting size must be used in a complex asset. For example: {Scene7SharedAssets/Backpack_B?extendn=0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5}
  • Flyout - Internet Explorer 9 sometimes remains onscreen after mouse off.

  • ZoomViewer - Unable to zoom an image by mouse click (Windows 8, touch screen, Chrome).

  • Browser scaling leads to wrong resizing.

  • iPad 2 - Large eCatalog asset crashes Safari on iOS.

All Viewers

  • Watermarks, obfuscation, and locking are not supported.
  • Image presets are not supported.
  • Adding or removing viewer from the DOM using display:none CSS or by dynamically detaching it from the parent node is not supported.

All viewers

  • Embedding the viewer in a table may result in incorrect sizing or placement of the viewer in non-native full-screen mode. Use DIVs instead.
  • Parameters with explicit instance names in the code require instance names in the URL to be overwritten as well. For example, zoomView.iconeffect=0.
  • Image Serving command crop is not supported.
  • Close button only works if the viewer is open in a child window.
  • Iscommands modifier does not support Image Serving modifiers that affect image size.

eCatalog viewer

  • Navigating to other HTML pages and then returning occasionally causes the viewer to reset back to the first page.
  • The page layout occasionally displays incorrectly after rotating the iOS device. Zooming into the page corrects the layout.
  • Internal links only to the leftmost page in multi-page spreads. This issue affects mobile devices in portrait mode.
  • InitalFrame links only to the leftmost page in multi-page spreads. This issue affects mobile devices in portrait mode.
  • Due to browser limitations, the Print feature is not available in Internet Explorer 9.

Mixed Media viewer

  • Soundtrack play is not supported.

Social viewer

  • To render thumbnails properly in outgoing email, the serverurl modifier must use an absolute URL.

Video viewer

  • The poster image may encounter a “max size” error. The user must increase the limit setting for Image Serving Publish.
  • Video captions require a company ruleset if they are hosting an HTML page that is served from an external server that is not a Scene7 server. Contact Adobe technical support for assistance.
  • Analytics tracking may report incorrect Play percentage due to buffering.
  • Black frame instead of poster image may show on iPad or Android™ devices.
  • Black frame may flash on screen during viewer load on iPad or Android™ devices.
  • Black borders are shown on side of VideoPlayer component when background is set to white or transparent on iPad devices.
  • The last frame of a video may be distorted on iPad using iOS 7.

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