Video360 player

The video player is the rectangular area where the video content is displayed within the viewer.

If the dimensions of the video that is being played does not match the dimensions of the video player, the video content is centered within the video player’s rectangle display area.

The following CSS class selector controls the appearance of the video player:

.s7video360viewer .s7video360player

CSS properties of the video player


Background color of the main view.

You can localize the error message that is displayed in cases where the system is unable to play the video.

See Localization of user interface elements.

Example - To set up a video viewer with the video player size set to 512 x 288 pixels.

.s7video360viewer .s7video360player{
background-color: transparent;

The appearance of the buffering animation is controlled with the following CSS class selector:

.s7video360viewer .s7video360player .s7waiticon

CSS properties of wait icon

CSS property



Animation icon width.


Animation icon height.


Animation icon left margin, normally minus half of the icon's width.


Animation icon top margin, normally minus half of the icon's height.


Knob artwork.

Example - to set up a buffering animation to be 101 pixels wide, 29 pixels high:

.s7video360viewer .s7video360player .s7waiticon {
 width: 101px;
 height: 29px;
 margin-left: -50px;
 margin-top: -15px;
 background-image: url(images/sdk/busyicon.gif);

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