JavaScript API reference for Interactive Video Viewer.

setAsset(asset[, data])

Sets the new asset and optional additional asset data. You can call this parameter at any time, either before or after init(). If it is called after init(), the viewer swaps the asset at runtime.

See also init.


{ String } new asset ID.


{ JSON } JSON object with the following optional fields (case sensitive):

  • posterimage - Image to display on the first frame before the video starts playing. See VideoPlayer.posterimage .
  • caption - location of the new caption file. If not specified, the caption button is not visible in the user interface.
  • navigation - URL or path to the WebVTT navigation content. The WebVTT file should be served by Image Serving.
  • interactiveData - URL or path to WebVTT interactive data content. The WebVTT file must be served by Image Serving.





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