Support for Adobe Analytics tracking

The HTML5 Video360 Viewer supports Adobe Analytics tracking out-of-the-box.

To enable tracking, pass the proper company preset name as config2 parameter.

By default, the viewer sends a single tracking HTTP request to the configured Image Server with the viewer type and version information.

Custom tracking

To integrate with third-party analytics systems, it is necessary to listen to the trackEvent viewer callback and process the eventInfo argument of the callback function as necessary. The following code is an example of such handler function:

var video360Viewer = new s7viewers.Video360Viewer({
 "trackEvent":function(objID, compClass, instName, timeStamp, eventInfo) {
  //identify event type
  var eventType = eventInfo.split(",")[0];
  switch (eventType) {
   case "LOAD":
    //custom event processing code
   //additional cases for other events

The viewer tracks the following SDK user events:

SDK user event



when viewer is loaded first.


when an asset is swapped in the viewer using setAsset() API.


when playback starts.


when playback is paused.


when playback is stopped.


when playback reaches one of the following milestones: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

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