Hotspot and Image maps support

The viewer supports the rendering of hotspot icons and image map regions on top of the main view. The appearance of hotspot icons and regions is controlled through CSS as described in the customize Hotspots and Image maps section.

See Hotspots and Image maps.

Hotspots and regions can either activate a Quick View feature on the hosting web page by triggering a JavaScript callback or redirect a user to an external web page.

Quick View hotspots

These types of hotspots or image maps should be authored using the “Quick View” action type in Dynamic Media, of AEM. When a user activates such a hotspot or image map, the viewer runs the quickViewActivate JavaScript callback and passes the hotspot or image map data to it. It is expected that the embedding web page listens for this callback. When it triggers the page, it opens its own Quick View implementation.

Redirect to external web page

Hotspots or image maps authored for the action type “Quick View” in Dynamic Media of AEM redirects the user to an external URL. Depending on settings made during authoring, the URL opens in a new browser tab, in the same window, or in the named browser window.

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