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Last update: 2023-11-03
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Configuration attributes documentation for Spin Viewer.

Any configuration command can be set in URL or using setParam(), or setParams(), or both, API methods. Any config attribute can also be specified in server-side configuration record.

Some configuration commands may be prefixed with the class name or instance name of corresponding Viewer SDK component. An instance name of the component is dynamic and depends on the ID of the viewer container DOM element passed to setContainerId() API method. Documentation includes an optional prefix for such commands. For example, zoomstep command is documented as follows:


Which means that you can use this command as follows

  • zoomstep (short syntax)
  • SpinView.zoomstep (qualified with component class name)
  • cont_spinView.zoomstep (qualified with component ID, assuming cont is the ID of the container element)

See also Command reference common to all viewers - Configuration attributes

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